Mais Alghanim - Bneid Al Gar

Bneid Al Gar, Capital Governorate, Kuwait


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The origin of Mais Alghanim Restaurant dates back to 1953 when our founding father Edmond Barakat, opened a staff cafeteria for the employees of Yusuf Ahmed Alghanim & Sons Co., duly called “Mess Alghanim”. This was the beginning of a long lasting relationship between the Kuwaiti & Expatriate communities and the late Abu Emile and his “Mess”. In a short time, the cafeteria became a meeting place for all serving complete meals and offering take-away services, transforming the humble canteen into a full-fledged restaurant. In 1974, Emile Barakat, Edmond’s... View More

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Hours of Operations
Days Opening Time End Time Sunday 11:00:00 to 23:30:00 Monday 11:00:00 to 23:30:00 Tuesday 11:00:00 to 23:30:00 Wednessday 11:00:00 to 23:30:00 Thursday 11:00:00 to 23:30:00 Friday 11:00:00 to 23:30:00 Saturday 11:00:00 to 23:30:00