Consultant Radiologist - New Mowasat Hospital
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Kuwait City, Capital Governorate, Kuwait

Posted: 04 Jul, 2016, 08:26 PM
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Operational Duties
Examines internal structures and functions of organ systems; makes diagnoses after correlation of x-ray findings with other examinations and tests.
Analyzes studies of Imaging Services, makes diagnoses and consults with physicians.
Provides interpretations of all tests performed by Imaging Services within a time frame established by the medical staff and the Hospital Administrator.
Makes recommendations for new or improvements to the equipment being used in Imaging Services.
Conducts continuing education meetings and ensures department personnel participation in continuing education programs.
Provides instructions as required to the various departments in the form of a continuing education program.
Contributes in development and/or approval of all policies and procedures for Imaging Services.

Patient Care
Plans, assesses and evaluates patient care needs.
Maintains a work environment that promotes high standards for patient care and ethical behavior.
Participates regularly with other department staff, in decision-making related to patient care

Compliance with Medical Ethics
Ensures implementation of the standard concepts, practices, and procedures within the field of Radiology.
Exhibits appropriate personal and interpersonal professional behavior
Respects the opinions of fellow Consultants and referring Physicians in the management of patient problems; provides means whereby differences in opinion can be discussed and resolved.
Recognizes limits of personal skills and knowledge by appropriately consulting other Physicians, when necessary
Shows a pattern of maintaining current personal clinical skills and knowledge by continuing medical education.

Other Duties
Participates and assists in establishing educational programs conducted by the Hospital.
Contributes in development and/or approval of all policies & procedures for Imaging Services.
Contributes in verification of the qualification and capabilities of all radiological technical personnel as required by the Clinical Director
Participates in regularly scheduled meeting for the improvement of patient care services and delivery
Actively participates in Hospital meetings and activities whenever required.
Performs other related assignments as requested by the Clinical Director – Radiology


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