Jewelry 3D Printer
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Subiya, Al Jahra Governorate, Kuwait

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Posted: 08 Jun, 2016, 03:20 PM
Ad Description

JewelKreator is small, powerful & simple to use desktop DLP UV LED 3d printer.

JewelKreator is specially crafted for jeweler designers. Jewelry designing is an art. Smooth surface & accuracy is key element to measure. JewelKreator uses UV LED source to cure resin ideal for jewelry manufacturing. Advantage is outstanding surface quality without sacrificing speed.

JewelKreator is comprehensive rapid prototyping & manufacturing 3d printing solution. It delivers maximum level of precision, quality output along with joyful user experience. Other advantages are excellent speed & simple workflow.

Technical specification

(Check existing content)

Build envelope (L x W x H)                       100mm x 58mm x 200mm

                                                                   (Write in cm, inch)


Build speed                                                25mm/hr at 50micron

Native Pixel Size (x,y)                               what is accuracy         

Layer Resolution (z)                                  10 micron

Max. Part height (Height of Z axis)        200mm (write in cm, inch)


Dimension (W X H x D)                             --pending

Weight                                                       --pending


Electric Supply

Input                                                 100-240 VAC, 50/60 Hz, 2.0A       

Output                                             24 VDC, 3.75 A, 90W max.

Integrated software                        JewelKreator Studio

Material Available

Data handling                                           .STL file


Projector resolution                        1080p, HD resolution

UV led source power

UV LED life warranty

Operating Temperature                  22 – 35 C, also write in farenheat

Tantalization                                    CE and also , search for it.

Scanning speed                               3 to 30sec (Adjustable)        

Post processing                               build in UV curing compartment


Other software parameters to write… to make it different


Printer Dimensions:

Machine dimensions (L x W x H)                     

Box dimensions (L x W x H)

Nett Weight

Gross Weight

Electrical Requirements


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