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Alnowair's Yellow Parade Kindness Carnival
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Hosted by : Al Nowair

12th Nov from 10:00 AM - 11:30 PM

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Kuwait City, Capital Governorate, Kuwait

The Yellow Parade is an annual event organised by Alnowair that takes place at the Arabian Gulf Street on World Kindness Day weekend. The event is dedicated to promoting kindness on the road. It was first held in 2014 on World Kindness Day, when around 30 Yellow Cars of different shapes and sizes gathered on the Gulf Street, promoting kind and compassionate driving. It has since been held annually on World Kindness Day weekends, and has grown from just cars, to also feature busses, motor bikes and cycles.

In its second year the parade was joined by over 200 people and featured over 40 cars, 3 busses, 4 motorbikes and over 40 cycles and stretched as long as a quarter of a kilometer long. The parade was a 10 KM drive from Salmiya to Bneid Al Gar and ended with all the cars coming together to form a peace sign.

This year we plan on taking the yellow parade 2016 to the next level. With more cars, more motor bikes and more participants. The event will also explore the different forms of expressing our kindness, not just on roads, but to each other, the environment and to the society in general. 

For the very first time, the event will feature the Kindness Carnival, where commercial vendors and organizations alike will promote kindness in their own ways, creating a festive mood at the Yellow Parade. 

The Yellow Parade is not your usual parade; it is a vibrant participatory gathering that has become a form of expression for the public, where likeminded positive people come together, have a great time and end the day on a high!

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