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Comprehensive Program Jeravologi
Category: Science & Tech

KWD 499

Hosted by : Obaida AlZain

23rd Apr from 05:00 PM - 09:30 PM
28th Apr from 05:00 PM - 09:30 PM

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Kuwait City, Capital Governorate, Kuwait

+965 94973996

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comprehensive-program-jeravologi in kuwait
comprehensive-program-jeravologi in kuwait
comprehensive-program-jeravologi in kuwait
comprehensive-program-jeravologi in kuwait

Comprehensive training program offer will not be repeated

Training of Trainers course graphology

Welcome once again renew our creativity

Of investigations and join up with the creators of the most powerful mass graphology program

(6) six days of fun and practice and practice

Provided great coaches trained Obeida Zein

Do you get:

  • 3 credits from the International Academy certificates for the analysis of line - Sorbonne University of France

  • A distinctive group of Jeravologi bags that help you in training (CD)

  • More than 85 electronic book about Jeravologi

  • Explain all the English letters

  • Free gift * Personal analysis

Also features:

  • As a participant record your name on the list of coaches and official statement certified trainer in the science of personal analysis of the International Academy for the analysis of line and give you your figure prepares to deliver the previous sessions

  • Qualify to join the program head coach analyst at Jeravologi and human development with Dr. Abdul Jalil Ansari training expert

Course content

What Jeravologi science and learning it?

  • Misconceptions about science Jeravologi.

  • Psychological analysis of geometric shapes

  • The discovery of the enormous mental abilities.

  • Functional competence.

  • Others understand the psyches of the art of dealing with them

  • Training interesting and enjoyable process in the art of personal analysis

  • Identify the representative system for you and others (Visual - Sensual - audio).

  • Personal analysis of the implications of the line (the character tendencies - the margins - the font size - the pressure on the paper -o_kal comprehensive writing letters).

  • 85 signatures analysis of the base with a bow and tendon Base

  • Satisfaction signs of self

  • Detection of diseases (where the show and how his discovery and the types of diseases that reveal)

  • Signs of pregnancy

  • Icon alcohol consumption and alcohol

  • Types of manuscripts and on what show?

  • Icon writing on the envelopes, interpretation and Alktheiar of fun rules

Special discounts for groups and members of achievement


Ask for membership achievement and Take advantage of the distinctive offerings

Twitter: @obaidaalzain

Instagram @ obaidaalzain

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