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Defendo Level 1 And 2 Instructor Course In Kuwait
Category: Sports & Fitness
Hosted by : Defendo Alliance

23rd Apr from 09:00 AM - 11:30 PM

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CO-OP Road street 6, Jabriya , Hawalli Governorate, Kuwait

+965 50133525


Antti Nurmi Defendo I.D.D.I BlackBelt 4.Dan
Antti is a combatives instructor with over 20 years of experience in self defense & also Fight in MMA.
Antti has worked since 1998 in countless amounts of clubs as the chief of security. He has also been responsible for security in hundreds of music festival around Finland some have had up to 100,000 customers for, e.g. Metallica, Madonna, Ramstein, Jamarique, Ricky Martin, James Brown, Ozzy Osbourne, Jon Bon Jovi and Slipknot. Antti has also been involved in VIP close protection duties for major celebrities 

Nurmi also works as the responsible coach of international Defendo instructors, in instructor courses. Countless police, special forces units and security around the world have also been taught by Nurmi.

Jussi Jokinen
- Defendo Alliance I.D.D.I 3dan Blackbelt
- Defendo White Director
- Kick Boxing 1dan Blackbelt

The courses are divided into three separate stages (40h per stage) that culminate in a test for the licence. Those who complete the course and licence test are official Defendo-instructors and have the right to use a Defendo Alliance sanctioned title of Defendo Instructor.

The instructor training is divided into four levels. Between each level there is a mininum of six months of practical and thoretical studying. For instance, an instructor that has completed Hard Target level has to instruct as a HT instructor for at least 6 months before he can take part in Combat Tech course. The same goes for CT instructors before they can participate in a S.T.A.R. level course.

Basic Instructor Course - Level 1. (Hard Target 40h)
Instructor Course - Level 2. (Combat Tech 40h)
Advanced Instructor Course - Phase 3 (S.T.A.R 40h)
Black belt -level - Phase 4 (Defendo Red 40h)

Level 1 (Hard Target)

Training of basic techniques
Basic information on various attacks
Physical training
Learned vs. autonomical reactions
Conflict situations
Simulated training
Scenario training

Level 2 ( Combat Tech)
Ground fighting etc...

More Information:
Phone number: +965 50133525

Gym name: TFW Kuwait

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