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Egyptian Movie Poster Making
Category: Workshop
Hosted by : Abjad Type Foundry

13th Nov from 10:30 PM - 11:30 PM

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Industrial Shuwaikh, Block 2. Street 28, Life Center, Mezzanine., Kuwait City, Capital Governorate, Kuwait

For the first time will present this workshop an opportunity to explore all aspects of the process of making Almsalq Film (Alovic), where they are taking the Egyptian experience as a model for the most important Arab experience in this area. The 

workshop will be presented methods and technical methods for the manufacture Alovic, with an emphasis on cultural, political and social aspects that have affected the directed by choice and design Alovic methods during the period of thefifties and the sixties and seventies, from the configuration and font colors hand. All this will provide a clear view of theparticipants will help them to re - create and design a modern image linked to the past. 

During the workshop will be the aspect of Arabic calligraphy , along with analysis and graphics artists who Smo Egyptian Alovic. And following the workshop , participants will require a background in the field of calligraphy or painting, where theparticipants will be divided into two groups of eight members, a group specialized calligraphy and drawing the other.Subscribers will redesign an ancient Egyptian posters or stickers independent Arab films from across the Arab world. 

Will present the workshop line designed layout on the Egyptian and ordained graffiti verse Tariq. 

For the first time, this workshop will explore all aspects That are On related Friends to the creation of movie posters , taking the whole Egyptian experience and industry color : as an example. 

The focus of this workshop, aside from getting familiar with the technical tools, practice and methods ++, is the understanding of the cultural and socio-Political sphere and how it influenced the trade's visual styles and printing technologies through out the three decades (50's, 60's and 70's), to have a deeper grasp of the basis on which the visual decisions, typographic choices, compositions and colour choices where taken. Helping the Participants have Broader insights The while Attempting to re-produce a nostalgic imagery. 

The workshop will Analise both, the Arabic typographic and illustrative elements of the Egyptian movie poster, Thus the Participants will be required to have a good [ background in Either mediums, color : as they will be seperated into two groups of eight- Illustration and typography groups. The two groups will Collaborate at the last two days of the workshop to revive old Appearances posters, and to redesign some contemporary independent movies posters from different Arab Countries. 

The workshop will be presented by vBulletin® the type and graphic designer Ali Almasri 's , with the Painter and Graphitti ofAya Tarek artist. 

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