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Etiquette Spirit 2 Trip With Spirit
Category: Other

KWD 587

Hosted by : Eman Alomar

27th Oct  05:00 PM to 29th Oct  01:00 AM

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Kuwait City, Capital Governorate, Kuwait

+965 99923179

Course Overview

Tdrebbh trip to Bannana Island (Qatar)

🗓: 27-29 / 10

Flight details - set up two nights in a luxurious Bannana Island Resort (rooms overlooking the sea) - Asabohat and evenings Atikitih (lectures) - dinner, lunch Atkitti Luxury (table etiquette) - Consulting

Trip per person in the room fee

1. Single Room: 590 dinars (QR 7150)

2. Double room: 490 dinars (QR 5935)

Fees include the following

  • The establishment of two nights per person

  • 3 main meals

  • A private training session on the beach with snacks and drinks

  • Attend lectures

  • Each gift Post etiquette book Spirit (New Edition)

  • Transport and travel between the island and the harbor at any time

  • Airport transportation

Fees is a comprehensive ticketing

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