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Experience Adventure
Category: Other
Hosted by : Eighty Percent

1st Nov from 04:00 PM - 11:30 PM

10 days from now

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Marina Waves Seaside Salmiya, Salmiya, Hawalli Governorate, Kuwait

Adventure travel offers a great conduit for individuals to find themselves and rise to new heights, it connects people, bridges communities, and elevates the human spirit.

We want to create a platform where all adventure lovers can get together, learn more about adventure travel, book their next adventure, purchase the latest travel and adventure products, share travel experiences that benefit themselves and others. Thats where the idea of experience adventure came to life.

شارك في معرض "جرب المغامرة" و الذي سيقام في ١ - ٢ نوڤمبر لجميع الشركات المنظمة لرحلات المغامرة و السفر الغير تقليدي بالاضافة الى الشركات الرياضية و مستلزمات السفر للتسجيل في المعرض عن طريق الرابط في البايو ، للاستفسار عن طريق الايميل

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