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Kalam Ams W Elyoom Concert
Category: Music
Hosted by : Kalam Ams W Elyoom Concert

9th Dec from 04:00 PM - 11:30 PM

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Kuwait City, Capital Governorate, Kuwait

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Date: 9 Dec 2016 – Time: 8pm – Location: The Amphitheater at Al Shaheed Park
About “Kalam Ams w elyoom”
brings a historical and geographical journey, a tribute to authors and poems of the pre-Islamic period to the present time.
A discovery, rediscovery by a rehabilitation texts and songs of the last 15 centuries still having a resonance in this changing world.
Different artists from the West (France) and East (Kuwait, Algeria, Morocco) are reclaiming, questioning and explaining the poems and poets of yesterday and today through re-adapted songs, music and dance. An ancestral heritage that has never had as much sense to date and will certainly still a considerable echo in the world of tomorrow.

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