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Make It Different This Year
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Hosted by : Federation Of Egyptian Students In Kuwait

6th Jun from 05:00 PM - 11:30 PM

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Federation of Egyptian students in Kuwait, Kuwait City, Capital Governorate, Kuwait

Make it different this year * .. To say your life Kasai formation in Ramadan Kasai Ptaischha central wig family and friends, and Kasai Htistqubl month good year de Ramadan is the month of Baiji every year visits Bs reward and the reward ofworship which is better than a thousand years; and Dah because the Lord Almighty Almighty Quran was revealed in it and Thida in much of the night and to draw Boukerha and virtues thousand months .. being attended Ramadan year de .. P de grace of the Lord of the worlds necessary thanking them and seek with all your effort and energy you are slaves Rahman to our Lord Almighty and wrote matter of paradise .. ❤ each year Bihol our union offers sweet Event helps people closer to the Lord and working Aktar Aktar goodness in Ramadan .. indurate year de Hikon Alaevent is; Htaah brighter Ramadan hard; Hths the spirit of Ramadan and the spirit of worship .. Hencon with you in every .. suhoor time limit mycosis .. Henkero Koran .. and Henaih with verses and beautiful .. Hnhs sense that the Koran is part of us and of our day .. and mesh Htkdr then dispense with him until after Ramadan .. Hnarafk on supplications to the necessary taking her in every moment in your day .. and mentioned to the Prophet , peace be upon him Bioazb in Ramadan .. and Lessa in the bacterium needs Aktar .. inshort .. .. Ramadank brighter various different for each year .. Follow us Bs and God willing Htlaqa yourself in Ramadan year de .. because he is different from every Ramadan .. Welcome the month of fasting and above ** and hello Waheed eternity pay month Tarawih O Bushra Btalaath ** Falcon of mirth has been lost newsworthy km kneeling humbly Lalla him how ** from Sajid eye and tears Kalnhr Fastqubloa month of yours Yakom and Astbakoa ** to happiness and good things do not burden of sin revived his nights Balozkar and Seize ** Vlalh of Power is better than ever and where the sky down to theKings ** dawn of the day and these chance of a lifetime.

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