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Patient Safety First
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Hosted by : Patient Safety First

14th Apr from 08:00 AM - 01:00 PM

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Kuwait City, Capital Governorate, Kuwait

When you get to the laboratory for medical tests, do you know who takes your samples and work behind that door you're not allowed to go through?
Do you know who are the Biomedical Laboratory scientists and technologists?

The biomedical laboratory scientists are the frontline to handle patient’s samples, working together 24/7 for your health. 
Science is the base of everything we are doing, hence we apply our theory knowledge and practical expertise on the everyday routine work. 
Although we use analyzers, but it is all about the interpretation of the results. 
In order to provide the best services for the patients; we regularly update our technology to be implemented under the best quality control policies and we make sure that the results are accurate before releasing them to the doctors or the medical staff for diagnosis and treatment.

To know more about this profession and its vital role in the medical health care; you are all invited to visit our exhibition on our celebration of (International Biomedical Laboratory Science Day " which will be held at the Amiri Hospital.

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