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Practitioner Professional Tool For Six Thinking Hats
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KWD 60

Hosted by : Dr Sajed Al Abdaly

3rd Dec from 09:00 AM - 03:00 PM

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Scientific Center National, Ibn Khaldoon Street Al Othman Center, Hawally, Hawalli Governorate, Kuwait

+965 90957303

Six Thinking Hats are the most important methods and ways of developing creativity in improving the creative thinking and help Six Thinking Hats to grant the thinking process of time and effort and grounded the creative process is very important, a way of thinking when human and style of mental and intellectual dealing with the course of the various events.

The inventor of this powerful tool is the physician Edward de Bono, who benefited from medical his information from the brain to think about when human analysis of patterns of even devised a way the six hats and then became one of the most famous in the world in the field of thinking and analysis, patterns, and invented several theories in this area of ​​the most famous thinking lateral.

Investigating the use of several important purposes including: stay away from prejudice and achieve objectivity and credibility, and justice, and to clarify ideas and more awareness, and achieve diversity and balance thinking, guiding thinking about new ideas and creative thinking caps.

Can be used the way the thinking in many areas of life in caps, whether in education or the media or other family or social relationships, and in all areas of the business and make decisions.

Knowledge and skill modules of the training program: Identify the idea of ​​Six Thinking Hats and are intended to, and discarded all Mptla. Identify shortcomings in the way in which we think normally. Understanding of human nature to think and how that thinking caps represent a framework to think about. Methods and means of the use of hats (individual use serial and sequential use) applications using the Six Hats (use of personal use during the modern use during meetings to use in writing reports).

The training objective: develop and refine, own thinking processes, organization and management and enhance the capacity for creative thinking, problem solving and decision-making skills of the participants.

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