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Preparation Specialist Cognitive Behavior Modification
Category: Training

KWD 170

Hosted by : Rawafidkw

22nd Nov from 04:30 AM - 08:30 AM
24th Nov from 04:30 AM - 08:30 AM

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Kuwait, Kuwait City, Capital Governorate, Kuwait

+965 96975072

Cognitive behavior modification program:

The term behavior indicates that everything done by the individual shows to others-activity performed by human-released all rights act or involuntary statement or is Arada- has a purpose, has been known Cooper and Heyward behavior modification that: "Science, which includes the systematic application of procedures that have emerged behavioral laws. " And it is known to modify the behavior that procedurally strengthen desirable behavior on the one hand and to weaken or remove unwanted behavior on the other hand the process. There is no doubt that the use of systematic behavior modification will enable the participant to deal with a lot of problems suffered by children, which may be a major obstacle in their learning, so this course come. And include modifying the behavior Advanced Course latest of what has been reached in the field of modified either for children or teenagers, and fits of ordinary people with special needs and behavior. Where it includes training on systematic behavior modification in a scientific way, include identification of problems that need to modify behavior, and steps to behavior modification, and includes training on the preparation of behavior modification program, which includes training on the various behavioral methods appropriate and ordinary people with special needs students, both released classical methods of behavioral or cognitive or procedural. New in this training includes a focus on cognitive behavioral therapy techniques. The participant will be able through this course of training in various methods of modifying behavior and writing training program, the participant can also deal with existing children and those with special learning difficulties and special and talented classes and mental disabilities and behavioral disorders needs. Beneficiaries of the workshop: the centers' directors responsible for the follow-up to the teachers when designing modified managers behavior and officials in factories, companies and scientific productivity and enterprise programs to modify the behavior of traders individuals with psychologists, social workers educational supervisors working in the field of training and development of students teachers in special education centers, teachers, ordinary school principals Special Education Centers. Therapists Tlabion educators of students who study the social and educational, social and psychological disciplines at the bachelor's, master's and doctoral level students who are parents of children suffering from problems need to modify the behavior

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