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Preparation Trainers Children - How To Be A Personal Trainer For The Child
Category: Training

KWD 60

Hosted by : CLM

7th Nov from 05:00 PM - 08:00 PM
8th Nov from 05:00 PM - 08:00 PM

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Kuwait, Ardiya, Al Farwaniyah Governorate, Kuwait

+965 90009338

+965 99613461

Prepare instructors for children from 5-15 cycle - (reserved for senior session)


How to be a coach / personal trainer for children


Axes of the program:


How to capturing the imagination of children
** - How to extract the hidden potential
** - How to deal with children shy
** - How to put the crisis drills to identify children figures from the first cycle
** - How to devise a training games from the surrounding environment
** - How to train and control children out door
** - Ways to give the child love and attachment coach
** - Until it acquires the skill love and have a distinctive character
** - How Being a personal trainer for the child (coaching)
Category beneficiary of this session


All parameters in all phases of study
** - All trained in the centers, summer camps and spring and children's clubs
** - Trained human development
**- Parents
** - Psychological and social specialists in schools, hospitals and care homes
** - University students, colleges
** - The goal of session


It will be capable of training and control children
** - You will be able to understand the child's personality and analysis
** - You will be able to choose the appropriate training games for children
** - Transforming teaching to train
** - Qualification for students to be trained professionals kids
About the session manager Mariam Hamad Al-Hajri


Director Altnfveh first center in the Middle East for the human development of children CLM
** 2. Chairperson of the Board thought upscale.
** 3. In your club members and club man Arab Board
** 4. Experience in kindergarten 21 years
** 5. Graduate of the Academy prepare leaders for 2012
** 6. Holds an outstanding teacher in 2012
** 7. Professional trained in self-development and strategies for success.
** 8. It presented more than 200 lectures on self-development.
** 9. An author and owner of the idea of ​​the book (the footage in exile)
** 10. Author and conceived the idea of ​​a book (why call him prematurely)
** 11. Co-author of the book How to make my son's commander

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