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Promotional Mix Workshop
Category: Workshop

KWD 30

Hosted by : Promotional Mix Workshop

14th Aug from 05:00 PM - 09:00 PM

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Kuwait, Kuwait City, Capital Governorate, Kuwait

About the workshop ..


Workshop mix promo effective .. address occupational and fun way to use a mechanism to promote and integrate to get the maximum efficiency in the proliferation and access to the target population tools ..


Target population in this workshop ..


(1) marketing managers in private companies. (2) sales officials. (3) directors of public relations in the private and public sector. (4) directors and heads of departments in the private and public sector. (5) Small business owners and entrepreneurs. (6) The reception staff and serve the public. (7) charitable and volunteer work staff.


Objectives of the workshop - training game ..


(1) familiarize participants with various tools to promote or integrated marketing communications (Integrated Marketing Communication), and the concept and the idea of ​​promoting mix compared to the marketing mix.


(2) raise the participants' ability to distinguish between promotional mix tools through classification.


(3) raise the skill of the participant to identify the most important reasons for using promotional mix tools and purpose desired effect on the ground.


(4) to become a participant capable of making the distribution of effective counterweight to promote in order to serve the company's business decisions. Through a new competitive style to leave the trainees in the case evoke the course material.


(5) To enable the participant to follow the reduction of the proportion of waste paid on promotional tools ineffective methods.


(6) the participant the most important and effective promotional tools mix each tool in the field definition.


(7) Co-raising in the development of promotional plans and deepen the work style of the team spirit companies to gain access to a shared successes efficient.


(8) give the Post the ability to analyze and evaluate the work to promote different businesses models.


The contents of the workshop ..


(1) the concept of the marketing mix. (2) the concept of promotional mix. (3) the marketing mix and mix promo. (4) promotional mix modes. (5) promotion mix tools. (6) the importance of the distinction between tools and media. (7) The reasons for the use of (6) modes. (8) promotional budget. (9) promotion mix tools. (10) compared to the cost of return. (11) the timeline for the plan. (12) Flexibility in the plans. (13) global corporations models.


Gives the participant a certificate


A certificate of attendance from the Institute for Energy Development Ahli training certificate of attendance from the Canadian International Center

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