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Self Driving License
Category: Training

KWD 245

Hosted by : Integrated Vision Institute For Training N Consult

3rd Oct from 05:30 PM - 09:00 PM
31st Oct from 05:30 PM - 09:00 PM

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Kuwait, Salmiya, Hawalli Governorate, Kuwait

+965 69031580

Self-training system focuses on the fundamental aspects needed by the human build personal strengthen mental breakdown and his intelligence, his choice is to build self-command of the basic rules, famous in the world of personal development system. The system also brought together all aspects of the curriculum, which included as components of your ego, and important aspects of you and you can interact with it after Aamk leadership training programs for yourself.

Aatnaik the components yourself makes you able to develop your thinking Venevsk and increase your thinking in your language goals, building a clear vision and center on your goals you can make your targeted and programmed on your interests and make your-life connect you to your goals you can learn about your motives and guide your thinking to yourself and the launch of the charisma of your personality.

Command your ego tells you the key components that need to deal with it and affect your business and your relationships and your ambitions in the check your needs and the leadership to deal with your life and think about ways mentality make you address the downsides of Dak and make you deal with situations that prevent you from progress in your life, as you can deal with situations that you need to be led and manages relationships with them and make your character a successful leader and a positive example yourself driving a new breakthrough advanced and look for yourself and the beginning of the task for you.

  • Analyze and read characters
  • Thought to grow and succeed
  • Build your goals successfully
  • Fifty base for success
  • Strengthen charisma
  • Emotional Intelligence Development
  • Dynamic mental visualization free
  • The capabilities of multiple intelligences free
  • The development of behavior modification for free
  • The practice of strategic Alt_khasat free

If you choose the number of programs more than 2-4 participant gets a 10% discount from the offer yet after reduction clause to be an early

Get the free programs requires the participation of all the best training programs bundle offer

Certificates and qualifications

Obtain certificates of integrated vision Ahli training for each program Institute

Obtain a certificate from the Canadian Centre ((self-driving license))

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