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Sport Injuries And Methods Of Prevention And Treatment
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Known sports injuries as injuries that occur to the person or the player during practice physical activity, whether it is a professional player in the team competes in the world, or children playing soccer in the backyard of his house. Injuries include several different parts of the body, such as bones, muscles and joints, also includes various types, such as bruises, wounds and head injuries and fractures. Results of injury pain is not limited, but may be up to a permanent disability, and perhaps put an end to future athletic player who has been an accident. The causes of sports injuries: - not to exercise too much warm-up before exercise or sports. - Using the wrong technology in the exercise or sports equipment inappropriate. - Exposure to the accident, such as receiving a blow to the head or knee. - The use of muscle or organ is beyond endurance, and this usually happens when professional athletes because the nature of their maneuvers are intense and powerful. The most prominent types of sports injuries: - head injuries. - And torn muscle injuries. - Sprains. - Knee injuries. - Achilles tendon injury. - Fractures. - Joint dislocation (Dislocation). How do you deal with the injury? 1. stopped playing immediately, for example, if I felt pain in the knee during your practice running on Altredml stopped immediately and continue, as Your continued movement could worsen the injury. 2. If the simple injury does not require urgent medical care (such as cramps simplex) usually can be handled through the method of (PRICE), an abbreviation of the letters of the English first five words of English, namely: protection, no protection Lists of exposure to further trauma, and the rest, and put ice on the place of infection, and the pressure on the place of infection by using a corset, for example, lifting a patient from the level of the heart to help reduce the swelling. 3. After 48 hours, remove the brace for a patient and tried to move it, and if symptoms persist or aggravated see the doctor. 4. If an acute injury such as fracture or head injury, you should call an ambulance immediately.

Treatments for sports injuries include several options, such as pain relievers and install a patient to prevent its movement to help the healing, physical therapy, massage and surgery.

Prevention of sports injuries: 1. Exercise warm-up adequately and appropriately before starting the sport. 2. Use of appropriate mathematical techniques. 3. Get trained by a trainer. 4. use of the means of protection, such as a helmet and protective sports teeth (Sport guard). 5. If you suffer from a chronic disease (such as diabetes or high blood pressure) or accidental, you should consult a doctor before you start to exercise.

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