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Steroids And Body Placebo
Category: Sports & Fitness

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Hosted by : Soccer Tools

1st Jun from 07:00 PM - 08:00 PM

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KUWAIT RESORT SAHARA, 6th Ring Road of the SABHAN, Kuwait City, Capital Governorate, Kuwait

+965 65791313

Course Overview

Everyone is trying to build his strength physical by increasing its activity and fitness and increasing competition when it is within their areas of challenge resorts a lot of training hard up the matter interconnected to eat some herbs and drugs and medicines manufactured to form a physical force to help to win the challenge has been reported that the tribes of the ancient Incas members were chewing coca leaves and then be able to cut a very long distances up to hundreds of kilometers in a few days.

As these references also refer to Mexico, where he was used substance strychnine in order to influence the physical level and Riadi.kma confirm these references also use the roots of the American cactus, which contains a number of narcotic substances for the same goal, which the people of the athletes in this period of the ability to continuous running for up to 24 hours, and running intermittent for up to 72 hours, and in 1889 appeared the word (oak) for the first time in the English lexicon, where it was defined as a mixing of narcotic substances and are used with the horses race at the time.

After several years on this date it was circulated this terminology at all stimulant substances, which have been gradually used in the first place horses and dogs and then a human. During the years of World War II spread the use of stimulant drugs that numerous types clearly, and did not use the sports field is limited, but exceeded this border to be used in the military field, it has proved the use of German pilots for multiple types of these drugs in order to alarm activation during operations nocturnal attack, as also it proved the use of infantry soldiers Germans for several types of drugs for the same goal, and also in order to get the stamina and fatigue resistance, especially that of their duties may include hiking, bringing with them heavy war equipment, and also proved the use of the English army of amphetamine for the same goal. From here the idea was launched by some athletes to take drugs and doping, later renamed (sports doping).

Vmahe sports doping? Doping is an industrial material that is used in order to attempt to increase physical and athletic level through the use of means other than normal, and is in use by injection or by mouth, before or during the dates of competitions, in order to graft tournaments.

They are groups of drugs were divided as follows: (1) materials that promote and increase respiratory excitement of amphetamines. 2. substances that act on the sympathetic activation device, such as ephedrine.3. triggers the central nervous system such as Alchoramin and Alacetkrnin. 4. substance that helps to not feeling pain such as codeine. 5. NAPOULE steroids such as Almithaninon (hormones) - steroids Anabolic) It is worth mentioning here that there are some sedative drugs that fall under the scope of doping despite the difference in the name, because it helps increase performance in some sports such as archery, as well as help to reduce the pain in boxing for example. Some argue that electrical stimulation of the muscles as a means of warming up process must come under the prohibited methods in the field of sports, but we believe that this concept is wrong, where did not prove the existence of the harmful effects of this process if it has at the hands of specialist.

For example, if we assume that sports the individual players from the high level in the sport of sports where the level is determined by the level of muscle strength, such as weight lifting, throwing in athletics, etc. deal certain doses of the fourth group of the steroids (I Paulsstroyd) including multiple types of brand names such as hormones note (Tssteron, Dinabol, Bamopoulan Dhikadrapaulin, Broveron, Chtbrumba, etc.), that consequently leads to increased physiological-section of the different groups of muscle, especially if Masahab this deal special training muscle force, which increases the size of the fiber muscle, the number of fiber remains unchanged constant, thus leading to increased muscle strength, which is already associated with an increased distance in the case of the shooting and to increase the weight in the case of weight lifting.

It is worth mentioning here that this effect is also associated with the impact of another negative, side and symptoms appear often from liver disease, ruptured kidney, intestinal disorders and respiratory, as well as this deal may sometimes lead to hair loss, sexual disorder, in addition to it has been proven that abuse of such stimulants when young people and young people sometimes leads to the disruption of hormone function, endocrine hormones, the speed of the onset of puberty, before the specified time period, and can also lead this deal to the appearance of hair on her face and chest, and has been shown experimentally that the use of hormones memorandum for long periods and in large quantities leads to liver cancer, and lead to a decrease in the secretion of the pituitary gland, which can lead to impotence, and injecting these types of steroids may be exposed to a clear increase in the proportion of fat and cholesterol in the blood, leading thus to increase the possibility of exposure to heart disease and circulatory system.

And lead the process of using steroids from the first group to some psychological and neurological diseases, as well as some gastrointestinal diseases, as well as can lead this use to arterial hypertension, and sometimes it leads to addiction also proved that some types of steroids abuse may help occurrence some injuries (lacerations - bone fractures), and the use of morphine process lead gal often to a significant and sustained increase in the dose required, so that the large doses later required and unsustainable, leading to sudden death due to paralysis of the respiratory centers, as they appear also some of the symptoms of addiction, which boils down to fear and confusion, and anger and boiling, as well as insomnia and lack of sleep, diarrhea and race Altnevs.otada and speed the process of abuse testicular constructive hormones to increase muscle size and strength, leading to increased load on the ligaments and tendons as a result, because of adaptation to these parts operations are slower than in the muscle.

Studies also point to a satisfactory visible signs in the liver. For women can be symptoms of manhood they change their minds sound, it shows facial hair and changed physical style. For young people and young people can abuse testicular constructive hormones process that will lead to a rapid build bone and thus deficiencies in the construction period that do not take enough time, thus leading to the early completion of the process of maturity and the occurrence of disabilities in length, also can trigger abuse hormones constructive to the process occurrence of atrophy of the testicles for men.

The multiple side effects which is well known and documented, growth hormones does not lead to muscle growth only, but also lead to the growth of some other body tissues such as increasing the thickness of the skin, internal organs, bones, and facial features. It also increases the muscle relaxant and increase the protective fat that surrounds internal organs layers, and if these hormones increased the natural levels that may lead to disease Alacromajali is a change in the head and skull shape and inflation fingers and toes, as well as the nose and ears, and the incidence of diabetes, heart disease, thyroid thyroid disorder menstrual cycle.

There are also some regular medical drugs covered by the player may have to be installed on some of the banned substances are shown in the result of the detection and these medications, for example, cold pills and asthma drugs and sedative and hypnotic drugs.

How is the disclosure of sports doping in athletes? Be done by taking a sample of urine, blood or hair analysis and initial urine sample be as divided into two sample bottles are placed and sealed and sent to the competent laboratory to be examined. The use of sports doping internationally because of its extreme effects of impact compared with an offering of drug abusers have also prevent them from cheating and breaking the fair competition.

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