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Thought To Grow And Succeed
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KWD 150

Hosted by : Integrated Vision Institute For Training Consult

30th May from 05:00 PM - 09:00 PM
1st Jun from 05:00 PM - 09:00 PM

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Salwa, Hawalli Governorate, Kuwait

+965 60006784

+965 69031580

Provided he studied Napoleon 500 personal successful, and learn about ideas, plans and activities Successful figures and for the duration of 50 years of follow - up and analysis. Napoleon gives you dozens of instructions that carried out successful, and displays Napoleon ideas enhances your ability to determine your need and desire Zkevih turn them into practical ideas. Napoleon also offers recipes for success figures that talking about the secrets of success and the possibility of your willingness to put the steps that are designed plans for your success 
in every aspect of your life and in your personality.

Napoleon presents the secrets of success and how you can create your steps, and what to do with your steps, how to exert influence and success, effort and increase your fitness, strengthen the event and accuracy in toasted and Mqasdk.

The contents of the program :-

  • Thinking on how successful and self-taught.
  • The practice of intelligence and awareness of life at work.
  • Thinking culture of growth and overcome failure.
  • Driving convictions and release your faith with yourself.
  • The power of desires and their impact on attracting success.
  • Vision launch, deployment and convince people and their response.
  • Force yourself to listen to the rapid interaction and perseverance.
  • Automatic exercise suggestions.
  • Description absolute trust in yourself.
  • Perceive the accurate knowledge of the energy goals.
  • The power of visualization and the launch of the cosmic communication
  • Work and life plans.

Gain success principles for leaders

  • Foot, courage and speak in you.
  • Control yourself and you feel the energy and a compass.
  • Hassan fair, responsible.
  • Defending Aqrartk and approval.
  • Thinking in terms of plans and steps the organization.
  • Positive habits to provide services.
  • Adaptation and enjoy self and happiness
  • Empathy and understanding, appreciation and understanding spontaneously.
  • Genius in the details
  • Endurance is responsible for managing and rely on yourself.

The program includes

Learn and develop means of self-determination, the will, the ability of faith, rely on yourself to rely on your own efforts, secret communication in an internal, growing effort, inspired in you

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