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Trip Start To Life Turkey
Category: Travel & Outdoor

KWD 1450

Hosted by : Integrated Vision Institute For Training Consult

31st Aug  12:30 PM to 9th Sep  12:30 PM

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Kuwait City, Capital Governorate, Kuwait

+965 69031580

+965 66540605

Course Overview

Launched in life journey take you to a renewed life frees you from all over the Giwdk trip extends to 10 days of meditation, mental training and placebo, and the practice of balancing the body, and training on building your personality. The flight containing one personal training programs, personal development, and address the body, and build the capacity of the affairs of your life .othtoa trip on six programs for the development of the self.

Take care of the trip in the following objectives

  • Make meditation abnormal behavior in your life and your thinking
  • Control the power and performance of your energy in your body
  • Strengthening and enhancing the activity of your body by extending the muscle ((yoga))
  • Shift in character to a successful and distinguished and influential model in your community
  • The suggestive practitioner in treating yourself to direct your mind and build temperament and habits and behavior
  • Practice guidance to control your weight and your appetite

Flight results

It aims trip to retreat you industry and a full-time with yourself to yourself with nature, and made you able to psychological independence, and review your life and freedom from the past and start anew. You can make the trip to turn your character to the charisma that looks its methodology teaches you how to build your character and control the mind and modify your thoughts and balance the mental energy and learn the mental meditation and enjoy the life reflections and launching liberation of your mind, practice yoga and to stay up on the energy your muscles and Nctk physical and fitness.


Morning training on the respiratory meditation and yoga practice and modify energy your body for an hour.Guidance for the control of appetite and get rid of the weight with each meal training for half an hour to balance the energy your body by clicking on the energy centers in your body and balance your feelings and adjust the self-energy and body cycle of external nature and work of suggestive group sessions within the trip and handle every last sediments and causes pressure dedicated an evening program to build personal journey and modify features and review the personal temperament and processed. Night: at 9 pm reflection sessions fragmented as follows life reflections, self-reflections, meditations Health, Reflections thinking length of stay in the city ((Cefnjh)) 6 days with the flight training and off for four days in Istanbul to stay at a resort overlooking the forests and to external training exercise with the practice of shopping and historical visits


Sbenjh city:

• Visit Almahawkih village. • Visit Lake Sbenjh. • Walking Sbenjh forest area 
• Visit the Sea of Marmara. • Accommodation Richmond Hotel


• Visit Sultanahmet Mosque. • Visit Dolma bahçe Palace. • Visit Topkapı largest palaces Istanbul • Visit the Grand Bazaar Grand Bazaar. • Visit Villa Mall Port Istanbul. • Visit Tel brides Tchamlija Çamlıca 7. • Visit Baaazet Beyazıt Tower Kulesi • Residence Hotel Limak Eurasia Luxury Hotel

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