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Unity3D Workshop Programming Using The Games
Category: Science & Tech
Hosted by : Qtoof Academy

19th Aug from 10:00 AM - 12:00 PM

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Kuwait City, Capital Governorate, Kuwait

Course Overview

Through this workshop, we will introduce you to a program of unity 3D, which is a platform Establishment of electronic games is also the engine Games and environment integrated development (IDE) where the program runs on several operating such as Windows or Mac OS systems, and possible dissemination of games and applications on different devices such as computers, xbox, ipad and other smart phones.

This workshop will be held online within the virtual classroom. And we will learn where the engine Ionti Games, and how to produce bi-dimensional applications!

Duration of the workshop: an hour and a half workshop date: 19/08/2016 Today: Friday Time: from 10:00 pm to 23:30 - GMT

The minutes of the workshop: M.hamdi shouting, 3 years experience in programming games and applications of Android, Hamdi professional coach enjoys the transfer of skills to the students.

Why do you need to Andham session? Does not require prior experience, very simple to know any programming language is wonderful. High main concern and urgent desire to learn

Training features remote: to Ahawwadz and Agiwd temporal or spatial communicate directly with the instructor lecture registered can refer them and use them later

The workshop requirements Online: 1. High - speed Internet. 2. PC Laptop or PC. 3. Internet Browser Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox.

Details of the workshop venue of the workshop: The workshop inside the online virtual Kattouf Hall, and will be video and audio can all interact with

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