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Workshop Narrative Tools And Critical Analysis
Category: Workshop
Hosted by : Kuwait Narrative Lab

24th Sep from 06:00 PM - 09:00 PM
31st Dec from 06:00 PM - 09:00 PM

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Rowaq Bookstore in Creative Design Center, Shuwaikh industrial area, street 10, Shuwaikh, Capital Governorate, Kuwait

Definition of the workshop:

• Workshop for young people who are able to cash scientific writing.

• oversees the implementation of the workshop specialists in cash and cash write.

• participants to identify the most important monetary schools through an intensive workshop, then left Aqraouatnkadih participating in the books of their choice in advance or from among a collection of books proposed by supervisors.

• will print the final readings of cash in a special booklet.

• a period of three months starting workshop meeting for six intense days from the date of September 24 to October 1. Details of the table facility in the picture.

The objectives of the workshop:

• Study of the assets of the narrative theories and basic tools.

• Apply the categories of narrative theory on contemporary material.

• Develop a narrative analysis tools toward contemporary schools of thought (the receiving theories, deconstruction, feminist analysis, cultural analysis).

• Hosting writers and critics to meet with the participants; in order to engage in dialogue, and to identify the criticism, and schools, and the field Alaqraouatalnkadih.

The workshop agenda:

• intensive course for 6 days on cash and schools.

• meetings with supervisors to discuss selected books.

• a meeting with the Kuwaiti critics for dialogue.

• To meet bi-monthly with the coach in which the trainee delivers a draft cash narrative essay on the book.

Conditions for participation: 

• be a writer had already deploy cash readings.

• that is providing models of coordinated monetary his reading of the Committee.

• The trainee identifies three written narrative Kuwaiti overwrites them during the workshop.

• be committed primarily to the agenda for the workshop and is committed to sending the articles in the specified time.

• The workshop is free, but a breach of any of the above conditions holds co compensatory value equivalent to the workshop expenses per person and sign a Co-to pass him so.

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