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Is a world leading laboratory in commercial bank notes, bank note inspection equipment, cash management processing solutions, chemical melting, chemical activation, cleaning defaced or coated currencies and many more services. We provide customers with services which are available individually or as a whole, We have a top of the range solution division and offer a range of specialist services. We provide Technician and chemical product and take our percentage when the job is done. The SSD Automatic Solution The ssd automatic solution cleans, all stains from your defaced,coated, or stamped currencies and keeps the bank note in its original form. The Solution 1414 The solution 1414 works just like the SSD, automatic solution but takes more time to do the cleaning and it is cheaper compared to the ssd automatic solution. The Activation powder The activation powder assist both, the ssd automatic solution and the solution to give the bank note its texture when cleaning The Preservation Powder The preservation powder is used keep the bank notes in a very good condition in order for the notes not to have problems during cleaning. The Separation Fluid 112 The separation fluid 112 is used to separate the bank notes manually if stocked together after cleaning by the machine in a automatic process. The Heating Powder 112 The heating powder 112 is used to ease the separation process by the separation fluid 112. it is applied on to the notes before applying the fluid. The Micro banknotes cleaning machine This machines cleans defaced,coated, stamped or stained notes automatically. must be operated by a specialist and it is very fast with the cleaning process. Thanks.

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