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Apartment Maintenance Harris Saying I Have To Take Care Of It At My Own Expense Category: Legal
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I have been living in an apartment for over 5 years but 2 weeks ago our ceiling in the bedroom stated dripping water … from a leak from the upper apartment. I informed the harris (caretaker) about the problem and he sent someone to look at the leak but this person could not identify the problem.

To-date the water still leaks from the ceiling onto the floor in our bedroom which is a hazard as I have slipped a couple of times on the water. The harris told me that they can’t solve the problem and I have to take care of it at my own expense.

My question is that if the water leak is due to a firefighting pipe up in the ceiling or due to the bathroom of our neigbour upstairs, am I responsible to fix the problem or is the responsibility of the tenant. What action can I take?

Name withheld
Answer: Tell the harris (caretaker) that it is the responsibility of either the landlord or the tenant upstairs to bear the cost of the repairs in this case although you are the one being affected.

You can also tell him that unless the repairs are carried you will stop paying the rent to him and will instead start depositing it with the Rents Court after filing a case there.

As the conditions are becoming unhygienic for you to stay in the flat you can also file a report with the Kuwait Municipality in your area.

You tell the harris about this also and we are sure that on hearing this the harris will ensure the repairs are carried out …otherwise just file the case with the Rents Court and also lodge a complaint with the Municipality.


Source - Arab Times
Note - All the answers were provided by Arab Times Legal Clinic.

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