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Buy Ssd Chemical Solution And Activation Powder For Cleaning Black Dollar Category: General

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Medex Chemical Lab & Co Ltd
We specialized in chemistry for anti-breezenotes.we also do chemical melting
and recovering of all type of bad money from black to it original color.
we are cleanining all type of defaced, black coated and color destroyered
If you want purchase or know more about our products and interested to clean
any of your Anti breeze currency call us now at: medex chemical lab & co ltd.
Please note: we only deals on high quality S. S. D. Chemicals solution for
cleaning black money
we are manufacturer and seller of all sort of chemicals like super automatic
ssd solution Z. W. V. 8 model activation powder and reactivation powder, anti
air powder, mercury powder, automated money developer machines congeal
chemical melting equipments, temperature controllers and automatic cleaning
machine.All our chemicals is sold with manual guide that provides instruction on how
to use the chemical to perform the cleaning for those that do? not need
technician assistant to clean their notes.

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