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Today I need to ask a question about my driving license and that of my colleague. Both of us have joined a new company, we are on engineer visas with an engineering degree. I have a driving license with a one year validity and he has a driving license with 10 years validity, expiring in 2020.

After working for one month in the new company, the new company has said that currently they don’t have quotas for engineers and only for coordinators or technicians. Now my question is that both of us need to transfer our visa to the new company. Will our licenses be cancelled due to this change in occupation or will we be able to keep our licenses.

Kindly note that in the offer letter our post is engineer, it’s only on the residence permit they will be putting mentioning our job titles as either coordinators or technicians. What’s the solution for us to keep our new jobs as well as the driving licenses?

Name withheld
Answer: First of all you have to remember that the law on withdrawal of licenses from those who change designations on the work permits applies only to those who obtained these licenses after the law was enacted in April 2013.

More importantly it applies only on those who obtained these licenses for designations of driver, student, housewife or mandoub (company representative). Both of you didn’t get the licenses for the above designations nor were you given the driving licenses specifically for your designations.

You were given those licenses after meeting the conditions set for expatriates in general to get the driving licenses. So, you don’t have to worry… neither your driving licenses nor your jobs be affected by the change in your designations.

Source - Arab Times

Note - All the answers were provided by Arab Times Legal Clinic.

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