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Please provide me the required  advice on the following through  your Legal Clinic.  I am sponsoring my daughter on a  family visa. She is 24 years of age  and not married. She has a valid  Kuwait residence until May 2016.  She left for India in January 2015 and  had to come to Kuwait by July 2015  within the 6 months entry period but  unfortunately she could not enter during that time because of her commitments in India. She is working in  India.

Kindly advice on the following:

1) Whether her residence is still  valid?

2) Can she come to Kuwait any- time before May 2016?

3) If her residence has been can- celled can we renew her it?

Name withheld  

Answer:  Unfortunately, your  daughter’s residence is no longer  valid because as soon as you go past  the six-month limit — even by one  minute — the residence is automati- cally cancelled.  So, in this case, your daughter can  no longer return to Kuwait on the  same residence nor can it be renewed.

To get your daughter back to Kuwait,  you must apply for a new visa and once  she lands in the country she must go  through the same procedure all over  again like any other “first-time” expatriate in the country.

This includes the  medical examination and all the other  procedures to be completed within 60  days of arrival in the country.


Source - Arab Times
Note - All the answers were provided by Arab Times Legal Clinic.

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