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Transfer Of Childs Residence From Mother To Father Category: Legal
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Thanks for accommodating my inquiry. You provide great assistance to a lot of expatriates in giving free legal advises.

Our eldest child is on my sponsorship from the beginning in 2011. My husband was unable to get it under his sponsorship because of salary issue.

During the re-stamping of the residence visa upon renewal of the new passport in August 2014, we were instructed to transfer our child’s residence to his sponsorship upon renewing the residence visa in May 2016.

Can you please advise the procedure and how much is the fees for one year upon the transfer of our child’s residence?

Please note that his company has yet to renew his residence in March, 2016 and our second child is already on his sponsorship since I delivered in August 2014.

Name withheld

Answer: First of all, please remember that the residence of the child can only be transferred to the father if the father himself has valid residence.

So, first the father has to renew his own residence before he can make any move for the child.

Secondly, once the father’s residence has been renewed just go to the Immigration Department where you can ask the typists available there to just type out an application (plus a release letter from the mother’s side) to transfer the child’s residence to the father.

There is a very nominal fees involved in the procedure and you will have to pay only KD 10 per year of residence.

Source - Arab Times

Note - All the answers were provided by Arab Times Legal Clinic.

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