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Reem Palace Salon Category: General
Kuwaitlocal Kuwaitlocal

This is the worst experience i have ever had at a salon.i am writing this review as a warning to other people not to part with their hard earned cash at this salon.i visited this salon yesterday.i never felt welcomed by the staff.the reception lady was literally lying down on the sofa with her eyes closed.the filipino lady was hiding her face as if i have come to arrest her.i got the vibes as if i disturbed them because they were busy relaxing and sleeping.the staff are incredibly rude,arrogant,unapproachable,and would rather talk to each other than communicate with their clients.will never visit this salon again.the owner of the salon is equally rude and arrogant so i am not surprised to see such behaviour of her staff.

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14 Jul, 2016, 03:32 AM
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