. Kuwait Sentenced Four Egyptians To Death Over The Killing Of A Pakistani
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The Egyptian nationals were sentenced on Tuesday. They were charged with murder using a hammer. The four men confessed to killing the Pakistani national at the construction site where they stole 36 tons of steel, before selling it all for USD 18,000. The verdict can be appealed. Three other Egyptians were also sentenced to seven years in prison for helping the four commit the crime.

In Kuwait, dozens of people are thought to be on death row over, mostly, murder and drug crimes, where execution is carried out by hanging. Except for a return of the death penalty in 2013, execution has generally not been used in Kuwait since 2007.  Since the death penalty was introduced in Kuwait in the mid 1960s, some 71 people have been executed.

Sources : PressTV, Daily Star, APA

29 Jul, 2015 0 905
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Kuwait Local News
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