2 People Jailed For 7years For Forging
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The Criminal Court sentenced two Kuwaiti citizens and a Saudi national to seven-year imprisonment and hard labor over a State Security case No. 5/2015 filed against them for forging official documents in order for one of the defendants to attain Kuwaiti citizenship. The court sentenced one of the Kuwaiti defendants in absentia, while the other Kuwaiti and Saudi were present at the court.

The third defendant, who is an officer of rank ‘Sergeant’ in the Kuwaiti Army, has been terminated from his job. According to the case file, the Public Prosecution accused the three defendants of perpetrating the act during the period between 2011 and Dec 3, 2015, as registered at the Capital Governorate’s Citizenship Investigation Unit. The first defendant allegedly forged official documents which he had presented as originals.

The documents included birth certificate No. 133/2002 under the name ‘H.S.M.’. He deceived officials of Ministry of Health by claiming that his so-called son was born in Saudi Arabia on October 6, 1997 and presenting a forged birth certificate which he stated was issued by the Saudi Authority. He also issued fake evidence of citizenship, civil ID card, passport and travel documents for the third defendant.

The first defendant had exploited the good intent of the concerned employees by claiming that the beneficiary of the fake documents was his son, due to which the employees accepted the fake documents as authentic and went ahead in issuing the aforementioned documents that made them valid for the real purpose they are meant to serve.

The first and second defendants conspired to forge the documents for the purpose of intent. The second and third suspects were accused of forging a marriage certificate No. 16 dated March 29, 2015 registered at Sabhan under the name ‘H.S.M.’. The document was used to process marriage loan from Kuwait Credit Bank after deceiving bank officials to get the process done. They both received KD 6,000 from the deal and shared it equally. The second suspect, claiming to be 18 years old, had used the same fake name ‘H.S.M.’ and fake documents to receive a Kuwaiti passport.



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