2 Small Boys Drunk In A Hotel Room, Father Films Them And Laugh
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Police in Kuwait have launched an inquiry into a video recording which shows two small boys drunk in a hotel room, as their as their father, who is a Gulf national, films them and laughs. The two toddlers, who were left alone by their parents, reportedly opened the mini-fridge in the hotel room and drank liquors, believing that it was just juice.

The Criminal Directorate experts examined the video and concluded that it was not filmed at a hotel in Kuwait. A source from the Criminal Directorate said that if inquiry reveals that the father is a Kuwaiti national, he would be charged with neglect of his underage children. The video which was posted online went viral and sparked outrage, with calls to sue the reckless father. A number of twitter users have launched hashtag #don’t_drink_from_fridge.



28 Jul, 2016 0 447
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