2.574 Million Employees Are Working In Kuwait
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According to the latest statistics, 2.574 million employees are working in three major sectors – the public sector, private sector and domestic laborers in Kuwait. The statistics highlighted that 26.4 percent of expats working in Kuwait are domestic laborers, 26 percent work as laborers and 14.64 percent work as drivers and automotive and heavy machinery technicians.

Statistics collected until Dec 31, 2015 also showed that the total number of expats working in Kuwait is 2.138 million compared to only 435,000 Kuwaitis, ie only 17 percent of the total manpower, while expats form 83 percent.

In addition, statistics showed that 73 percent of Kuwaitis mainly worked in three fields: 35 percent in offices, 23 percent doing technical jobs and 15 percent of the total manpower in security-related jobs. The study also showed that 9,500 Kuwaitis work as executives (2.2 percent) in both the public and private sectors.

Furthermore, the statistics showed that Kuwaitis outside the labor market reach 389,000, retired citizens 92,300 and Kuwaiti housewives 73,411. On the other hand, statistics showed that expats outside the labor market reach 371,000 including 733 seniors sponsored by their children, 207,000 housewives and 163,000 young people aged 15 and above.



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