24 Kuwaiti Families Left Without Public Services
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The comprehensive court judge adjourned for the second time a ruling in the Sawaber owners’ case until next week. Lawyer Talal Al-Obaid presented his defense in the case since the government’s announcement that power and water services for 24 Kuwaiti families living in the complex will be cut, as they have ownership deeds and refuse to leave them or accept finance ministry conditions. As the case is postponed, citizens living in complex will mark 19 days without power, as the elderly and the ill face the danger of having their medical equipment stop working.

The ban on public cleaning services will increase rodents and dirt, and will spread diseases. Despite pressure applied by those concerned in the finance ministry to hand over the flats, residents said they will refuse any conditions, adding they have the right to stay in their homes they paid for with their own money, and the government did “not send any person to negotiate and resorted to force”. They asked National Assembly members to act to rescue citizens living in the complex.

20 Apr, 2016 0 761
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Kuwait Local News
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