25 Years Later
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It’s a shame that the 2nd of August – which was a dark, black day in the history of Kuwait – is not well-remembered or known by younger generations. Many of them were toddlers or weren’t even born when the invasion happened. If you talk to kids aged below 25 years, they do not feel the importance of what happened to their country.

It’s like a boring history lesson only. Why is that? Is it because of all the turmoil that has happened since then in the region? Saddam led an invasion against Kuwait and was kicked out, thank God. But the damage he did will affect the region for 200 years to come. We are shattered nations from all sides.

Look at Syria. When will Syria return to normal? I don’t even see it in my dreams. The atrocities in Syria also affect Lebanon. See how many refugees have landed there, which in turn have also affected the delicate political balance in Lebanon. Instead of discussing the lack of a president, they are now discussing the lack of trash collection. Look at Jordan, also badly affected by all that’s happening in the area.

It’s under pressure from all sides – be it Israel, Syria or Iraq. Iraq. Let’s stop there. Iraq before the invasion could have become a modern society, despite the mistake of Saddam and the eight-year war with Iran. That man demolished the whole Arab world by invading Kuwait. Just look at what he’s done to Iraq. It’s a shame. Iraq has all the assets to be one of the greatest countries on earth. Now it’s a broken country invaded by a group of ragtag radicals and fundamentalist terrorists called Daesh. Libya. Look at Libya. No comments. Even Tunisia and Egypt, who suffered the so-called Arab Spring.

What Arab Spring? Yemen. Is Yemen in a better situation? This is all because of the invasion of Kuwait. Because if there had been a stable, growing and developing Iraq, then the rest of the region would have also sustained its security and stability. So look what a lunatic dictator did to us all. Why was he allowed to do what he did, to us and to the rest of the region? And don’t tell me Western conspiracy. Every country works for its own interests. If we were of one mind, no conspiracy would break us – Western or Eastern.

Have a good day.

By Badrya Darwish

Source : Kuwait Times

03 Aug, 2015 0 883
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