3 Men Jailed for life Who Kidnapped And Gang Raped A Female Manager In A Car
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Three men, who kidnapped and gang-raped a female manager in a car after they threatened to kill her, have each been jailed for life. The Bangladeshi men, 30-year-old M.A., 33-year-old A.H. and M.R., who remains at large, lured the Filipina manager to the car and took her for a ride, during which they had sex with her in December 2014.

M.A. and A.H. were arrested after the incident while M.R. remains at large. The Dubai Court of First Instance convicted the defendants of kidnapping the Filipina using deception, raping her, stealing her mobile phone and cash, threatening to kill her and selling her to another woman for Dh3,000 to make her work in prostitution.

Presiding judge Fahd Al Shamsi said the three accused will be deported following the completion of their punishments. M.R. was sentenced in absentia and he will have to surrender himself and request a retrial. The trio used deception and physical force when they kidnapped the woman, raped her and robbed her personal belongings.

The Filipina told the court she was waiting for a taxi after work at 7.30pm when M.A. stopped and offered to drive her home at Dubai Motor City.

“He asked me to pay him the same fare that I usually pay for a taxi. I jumped into the back seat and he drove off. He stopped at a petrol station to fill the tank … then I heard him talking on his phone. When he stopped at the side of the road, two men [the other defendants] entered the car. A.H. sat beside me while M.R. sat in the passenger seat. Three minutes later, M.R. jumped to the back seat and I was squeezed between the two men.

They groped me. M.R. removed his clothes and I realised that they intended to have sex with me … I asked them to take all my money and let me go but they didn’t … they raped me. They threatened to kill me when I tried to resist them. When I tried to jump out of the vehicle, they prevented me and beat me.

They beat me again when I tried to run away a second time. M.A., who was driving, stopped the car near Dubai Police’s headquarters and they waited until another car arrived and parked beside us. Another woman came into our vehicle and she asked me to go with her to work in prostitution … but I refused. The woman gave me the choice of staying with the defendants or going with her.

I was afraid of staying with the men and accompanied her to a nearby villa. The woman locked me up inside a room … later the villa’s watchman also forced himself on me and raped me,” she claimed.

The Filipina waited until everybody in the villa had fallen asleep, according to her statement, before she broke free from a small opening in the kitchen wall. The Filipina was said to have waited under a truck until sunrise before she asked a worker to take her to the police. A policeman said the defendants were identified through the car’s number plate that was picked up by the station’s surveillance cameras. The judgements of M.A. and A.H. remain subject to appeal within 15 days.


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