30 Females Sentenced To One Year In Jail For Illegal Wages
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Kuwait’s lower court on Tuesday sentenced 30 female nationals to one year in jail for illegally taking wages from a government programme that aimed to encourage citizens to take private sector jobs.

The court said the women took salaries from the national labour support programme for two years after registering as employees at a private firm but without actually working.

It handed the employer a one-year sentence and ordered the women to return the money they took from the programme, in addition to fining them $3,300 each. The sentence was not final and could be challenged.

About 80 per cent of Kuwait’s national workforce of 360,000 is employed by the government.

Under the national labour support programme, the government pays a monthly salary to all Kuwaitis who take up jobs in the private sector.

18 May, 2016 0 1448
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