5 Kuwaitis Arrested For Swindling Money
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Personnel from the Forgery and Falsification Department of the Criminal Investigations Department have arrested a gang of 5 Kuwaitis for embezzling money from well-established companies and institutions. The arrests came after complaints were filed by the victims against unknown persons. The modus operandi was they would present cheques, forged in a professional manner and cash money at local banks. Investigations led to the arrest of one of the suspects believed to be holding a senior post in a government institution. Following his arrest, he admitted to the charge and led police to his four accomplices. The men are said to have given details about their illegal activities and given police the name and identity of their boss who allegedly operates from Jordan. During interrogation the men said their job was to cash the cheques and received 30 percent commission. That contacts have been established with the Jordanian Interpol to arrest the ‘boss’.



27 Sep, 2016 0 1050
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