50 Containers Of Fake Medicines And Cosmetics Were Shipped To Kuwait From United Kingdom
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 50 containers of spoiled or fake medicines and cosmetics that were shipped to Kuwait from United Kingdom, India, China and Lebanon in poor storage conditions, customs sources say, reported Al-Seyassah. They explained that the officials received information about the arrival of over 50 containers of medicines and cosmetics which were released without inspection. They immediately retrieved the containers and checked the shipment to find medicines and cosmetics of different brands as well as some imitations. Some of the items did not have expiry dates due to which the officials took samples and referred them to the laboratories for testing.

The sources revealed that items such as soaps, creams and cosmetics have to be stored in controlled environment of temperatures around 25 degrees Celsius but the internal temperature of the containers was about 57 degrees Celsius. This issue has raised questions about level of compliance to necessary procedures to be applied, such as air conditioned containers, when importing medicines and cosmetics from the country of origin to Kuwait.



23 Sep, 2015 0 885
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Kuwait Local News
Kuwait Local News
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