6 Steps To Fight Viral, Bacterial Infections
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As the seasonal shift takes place in the UAE and the heat is replaced by cooler weather, a number of residents have been struck by viral infections, crowding clinics with reports of cough, fever and sneezing bouts, doctors said. “Like every year, we see a sudden rise in the number of patients with viral infections,” said Dr Chacko George, senior physician at RAK Hospital.

Dr Daria Houmayunfar, physician in complementary and alternative medicine at the German Medical Clinic at the Dubai HealthCare City, said: “Different strains of viruses and bacteria are present around us all the year round. When the weather changes and the human body takes time to adjust to the dip in temperature, our body is not prepared for the change and gets affected by the microbes around. We see a more than normal crowd of people coming in with common cold and flu-like infections,” he said.

People affected by the seasonal flu virus or a bacterial throat infection typically complain of low grade fever, bodyache, sore throat, cough and blocked nose, sneezing and watering of the eyes.

“People develop sensitivity to seasonal allergens in the atmosphere. Apart from that, as soon as there is a temperature fluctuation, our body’s immune system is not geared to deal with it and the viruses get lodged in our throat and nasal passage, sparking seasonal flu. You can consult a general physician who will prescribe steam inhalation, antihistamines or you could get over-the-counter cough and cold medications and painkillers, aspirin for body pain and fever. However, if there is a bacterial infection with persistent fever and yellow sputum when you cough then it is advisable to consult a doctor who will typically take a throat swab or prescribe a blood test and, based on those results, prescribe stronger medication.”

Dr George added that physicians generally prescribe anti-histamines only for the night as these contain sedatives and may cause drowsiness. “It is important to eat healthy food and get plenty of rest as the immunity of the body is compromised so the patient needs to build it up to fight the infection.



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