682 People Belongs To Terrorist Groups - State Security System
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The State Security System has taken preemptive measures which are considered a blow to members of terrorist groups, resulting in the identification of 682 people, including GCC nationals, who belong to these groups in tension-filled countries and they have been blacklisted.

The main objective of such measures is to identify those affiliated to terrorist groups in order to arrest them once they enter the country. This came after a series of successful security operations led by the men of the Interior Ministry represented by the State Security System. The State Security System retains a large list of names of those belonging to terrorist organizations through serious and outstanding work.

Meanwhile, Deputy Prime Minister and Interior Minister Sheikh Mohammad Al-Khalid was quoted as saying during the launching of intelligence operations outside the borders of Kuwait two days ago, “We will not wait for the arrival of terrorism. We will eliminate it in its own home.”

Meanwhile, Deputy Foreign Affairs Minister for Follow-up and Coordination Ambassador Nasser Al-Sabeeh denied the alleged presence of Kuwaiti fighters in Syria.

However, the official’s statement was followed by news from Hama, Syria about the suicide bombing carried out by a Kuwaiti identified as Khleif Al- Anzi and nicknamed Abu Faisal Al-Kuwaiti. Jund Al-Aqsa group announced the death of Al-Anzi after blowing himself up in a village in Hama.



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