Citizens, Expats warned against spreading rumors
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The ministry will be very strict in dealing with those indulging in spreading rumors and false information “aimed to terrorize both citizens and resident expats.” Security forces have very clear instructions to track down and apprehend any citizens spreading false information and rumors and refer them to prosecution, Lt Gen Fahad said. “Expats will also be immediately deported for spreading rumors that would create panic and alert security forces because those are as dangerous as terrorist acts since both wish to create a state of chaos and panic either through actual explosions and killing or through spreading rumors and lies,” he explained.

Accordingly, Lt Gen Fahad urged citizens, expats and the media to verify any news and to contact the ministry’s relevant authorities before dealing with any piece of information because rumors would create chaos. “The ministry’s Relations and Security Media Department is ready to answer all questions and inquiries about security situation in the country,” he concluded.

Kuwait has a population of around one third Shiite to two thirds Sunni. Last month’s attack was the first in the state to be claimed by IS, which controls swathes of neighboring Iraq and Syria. — Agencies


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06 Jul, 2015 0 867
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Kuwait Local News
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