Kuwait Bans Smoking In Malls And Public Indoors
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Kuwait has released new penalties for those that smoke indoors. It’s about time because it feels like we’re the last country on this planet to ban indoor smoking. It is beyond me how a random person harms smokes next to people he doesn’t even know, without their consent, how is this even acceptable within our society. Smokers if caught get a 50 KD fine, if caught again get a 100 KD fine.

The new regulation strongly focuses on malls. Any store inside a mall offering ashtrays will be fined up to 50,000 KD. Knowing how regulations in Kuwait are handled, I’m not very optimistic with the new rules. They will likely, like many other regulations in this country, be ignored and shelved. One of the reasons I hate visiting malls is because of disrespectful smokers.


27 Jul, 2015 0 973
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Kuwait Local News
Kuwait Local News
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