Kuwaiti arrested for taking Selfie
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A Kuwaiti man has been arrested on “suspicion of terrorism” after taking a selfie.

 38-year-old Kuwaiti tourist Nasser Al-Ansari was using his mobile to film a snapchat video of himself outside the Churchill shopping centre in Brighton, when police arrested him on suspicion of terrorism.

 Police officers took him to a nearby carpark where they confiscated his phone and kept him for three hours.

 Al Ansari described that they said: “You are under arrest under article 41 of the Terrorism Act; anything you say can and will be used against you”.

 ‘I said: “I am 100 percent co-operative. I will go wherever you wish, I just want to go home”.’

 Despite releasing him, police kept his mobile phone and wouldn’t return it to him.

 It is not clear why the arrest was made, although local police have confirmed that Mr Al-Ansari was released after ‘an assessment was made and there was no immediate threat’.DCI Betts from Brighton and Hove police said ‘It was not possible at the time to examine his mobile, so an investigation continues in order to establish if it contains any evidence of a criminal offence...this will be completed as soon as possible and the phone will be returned to him if there is no reason to retain it further’.

 Al Ansari was making his snapchat message in Arabic. Ironically he was actually offering condolences to the victims of a bomb blast in Kuwait last week, when he was arrested.

Source - Press TV

06 Jul, 2015 0 1380
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