A 2 Year Old Boy Freed After Getting His Head Stuck In Window
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A two-year old toddler needed the intervention of the Civil Defence in the Saudi city of Makkah after he got his head wedged between the iron bars of a window.

The servicemen and a team from the local Red Crescent were called in by the family after they failed to free the toddler who got his head stuck as he was playing. The rescue was smooth and the toddler regained his freedom of movement without problems, Saudi news site Sabq reported on Tuesday.

However, the Civil Defence reiterated its warning to parents to ensure their young sons and daughters are kept away from potentially dangerous areas.

Although some online users blamed the parents for the incident, most said that it was nearly impossible for toddlers and children not to get in trouble, explaining that in most cases they were so hyper and needed constant and close monitoring that no human being could possibly provide.

“With some of them, you need to have your eyes in the back and everywhere in fact 24/7,” Yosra posted. Qarqash, another user, said the children’s natural curiosity often landed them in trouble.

“They are fun, but their sense of curiosity is too much,” he said. “You really never fathom what is going on in their heads. I always pray for their mothers because when something happens, they are usually the ones who get the blame,” he said.



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