A Housewife Brutally Assault Her Domestic Helper
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A Housewife charged with deadly assault on maid banging her head against a wall leading to her death will be tried before a criminal court, it was announced on Sunday. The housewife, S.B., 35, has been referred to the Dubai Court of First Instance where she will be tried for beating the maid, K.Q., and causing her death, said a media statement on Sunday.

Dr Khalid Al Junaibi, Chief Prosecutor, who led the investigation, said: “The suspects’ neighbours testified that they constantly heard the maid crying in pain and shouting for help; they claimed that they often heard the victim moaning in pain following each assault. The victim’s relative [who also worked as a maid for the same housewife] claimed in her statement that she often saw the suspect beating her relative and assaulting her.”

The maid was 21 at the time of her death.

According to the media statement, the maid’s relative told prosecutors that she spotted S.B. punching the victim, beating her with a stick and banging her head against a wall.“The victim’s relative claimed also that the suspect never permitted her to treat the injured maid.

Dubai police’s forensic examination report said the victim’s injuries and bruises confirmed that she had been tortured. The report also said the victim was not provided with any medical care that led to complications resulting in K.Q.’s death,” concluded Dr Al Junaibi.



25 Jan, 2016 0 1249
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