A Kuwaiti Citizen KD 69,600 Deposited In Bank Disappears After 2 Years
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A Kuwaiti citizen, identifi ed as Meshal Al-Qamlas, recently visited the head office of Al-Rai newspaper to narrate his story of his cash of KD 69,600 which he had deposited in one of the branches of a GCC bank in Kuwait for investment purposes disappeared after two years.

He revealed that he had not checked his account for two years and when he needed the money and checked his account, he was shocked to realize that the balance was zero.

Al-Qamlas explained that he discovered the bank had manipulated and carried out transfers from his account to some unknown people without his knowledge. He had filed a complaint with the bank manager who admitted that an employee was fi red for committing some illegal practices.

He was eventually able to get back his money because the sacked bank employee had transferred it to his account.

However, the problem was solved amicably and the bank did not follow any official procedures. Al-Qamlas insisted that this solution might pose a risk in the future and the sacked employee might claim that the money which was transferred was done so by mistake.



19 Jun, 2016 0 670
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