A Kuwaiti Jailed 3 Years For Cheating His Concubine
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The Misdemeanor Court of Appeals upheld the verdict of the Court of First Instance which sentenced a Kuwaiti man to three years in prison for issuing KD 500,000 dud cheque to a concubine as a bogus dowry. The Public Prosecution accused the man of acting on bad intention to dupe the woman with cheque belonging to a local bank, knowing well he did not wish to release the money. He deliberately signed the cheque wrongly and instructed the bank against paying the sum. Plaintiff Attorney Ayed Mahdi Al-Rashidi said the case was clear since all proofs were available to criminalize the action of the defendant. He added the bank account did not have enough deposit to clear the cheque and he instructed the bank not to honor the cheque he deliberately signed. He stressed the defendant personally used his handwriting to append the cheque and other needed information.



31 Dec, 2015 0 1172
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Kuwait Local News
Kuwait Local News
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