A Kuwaiti Mother Arrested For Physically Abusing Her Daughter
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The Court of Cassation sentenced a female Kuwaiti Islamic Studies teacher to seven years in jail for physically abusing her daughter. Case files indicate Attorney Abeer Al-Fawaz, who is representing the plaintiff, reported that the mother battered, bit and burnt her daughter as a way of venting her frustration over her divorce. When the child’s father found out the abusive acts of the woman, he referred his daughter to Forensics in order to obtain a medical report. The medical report affirmed the accusations, whereas the Public Prosecution charged the mother with intentionally injuring her daughter and refusing to take care of her. It is worth mentioning that the Court of Appeals upheld the verdict of the First Instance Court which sentenced the woman to three years and six months in jail with hard labor.



09 Dec, 2015 0 1112
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Kuwait Local News
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